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Janus Innovations Consulting Ltd., was established in response to the demand of SME’s in Ireland and beyond seeking professional advice and funding for R&D projects addressing climate change, environmental impact and the circular economy. Our key focus is the transition of the SME away from a linear economy into a circular economy (CE).

The company offers specialist, tailored and effective business solutions to SME’s. We service a wide range of business sectors including: agricultural, biogas, manufacturing, food and drink, medical device, horticulture, waste management and local charities.

Aileen Carter

Aileen specialises in business review, strategic planning, project management, environmental and climate change advisory. She offers a unique skillset having been exposed to all facets of practical science throughout her working career. She has a strong background working in cross-functional roles within both research and commercial environments. She is an innovative and adaptable problem solver, skilled in successful project design and planning. Aileen is results driven, seeking professional best for her clients at all times.

  • MSc in Agricultural Science
  • 10 years Technical experience
  • 8 years Teaching experience
  • Interdisciplinary research experience in Animal Science, Food Science and Analytical Technologies
  • Ongoing research grant proposal applications and project management



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