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Agricultural Circular Economy

What Does Circular Economy Mean For Your Agricultural Business?

Just some of the benefits include:

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Good Soil, Good Produce

In circular agriculture, soil life is optimally nourished using a resourceful combination of good quality animal-based fertiliser, preferably composted manure and crop remnants.

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Help The Climate

Circular agriculture offers options to combat greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture to a far greater extent than the measures that are simply focused on making common agricultural processes more climate-friendly.

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Opening Possibilities

Closing cycles will be the new model on which future agriculture is based. It provides the freedom for a wide range of company styles and earnings models and there will be a wide range of activities varying from intensive to extensive; small to large, low-tech to hi-tech.

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Growing Market

72% of consumers said they’re currently buying more environmentally friendly products than they were five years ago, a trend that will only keep growing.

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Useful Side Streams

Circular Agriculture allows for the use of side products, like crop cuttings, stems and other parts humans don’t eat and feed it to animals that do consume it like chickens.

What Is Circular Agriculture?

Circular agriculture is a collective search by farmers, interested citizens, businesses, scientists and researchers for the optimum combination of ecological principles with modern technology, with new partnerships, new economic models, and credible social services. It not only focuses on good yields and the sparing use of resources and energy, but also stresses the importance of putting as little pressure on the environment, nature and the economy as possible. 

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The Services

We provide a variety of services and professional advice for R&D projects addressing climate change, environmental impact and the circular economy.

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Scope and Develop Project Ideas
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Identify Potential Project Partners
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Write-up of Detailed Project Applications
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Administration Setup Assistance