Case Study:



The Challenge

To explore the feasibility, obtain support and promote the use of a replenishable natural resource in the manufacture of household mattresses.


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Our Objectives

  • To obtain funding for a feasibility study to be carried out and completed
  • Open up opportunities for our client to promote and develop this new business that is game changing and innovative for a sustainable economy in rural Ireland
  • Forge the way for new market opportunities in Ireland
  • Forge the way for new market opportunities in the USA


How We Helped

Worked in an advisory capacity between stakeholders to help facilitate the understanding of the complexities involved in using a natural material in mattresses. We facilitated meetings with Senior Management of an Irish government agency that specialise in the promotion of social and economic development.

The Impact

Maytex Ltd effectively obtained funding to carry out a feasibility study and see it through to successful completion. With further successful application submissions on behalf of our clients, they were awarded a placement on The Climate Kic Accelerator Programme at Trinity College Dublin. We opened up the doors to government agencies supporting social and economic enterprises and helped to identify market opportunities not only here in Ireland but also in Boston, USA.


“Aileen has supported Maytex Ltd since 2019. She has advised us through product development, funding applications, business development and sustainability. To date, Aileen has a 90% strike rate for her funding efforts on our behalf. Thus, allowing us to carry on refining and improving our product. Aileen has a really positive approach to helping small businesses and it is extremely effective. She has the ability to make the whole process look very easy.”

Barry Naughton, Director, Maytex Ltd