Circular Economy

What Is It?

Over the last 2 and a half centuries, economies in the developed world have been structured around a linear model of continous growth, using Earth’s natural resources to make our lives healthier, wealthier and more comfortable.

However Earth is already presenting symptoms and strains of the linear “take, make and waste” model. This is why we are moving towards a circular economy that encourages creation of product with a long service life that can be renewed, resused, repaired, upgraded, refurbished or recycled to preserve our world’s natural resources and reduce pollution.

Circular Economy versus Linear Economy Illustration

Good For All

Since the Industrial revolution, people have been using the linear model of product and consumption. Raw materials are made into goods, which are sold, used and then turned into waste that often is not carefully discarded or managed.

Circular economy provides an industrial model that is regenerative and aims to improve resources’ performance and fight the volatility that climate change might bring to businesses. It has benefits that are operational while also strategic and fosters a huge potential for value creation within the economic, business, environmental and societal spheres.

Good For You

Alongside environmental benefits, circular economy has potential for economic growth. We should not link resource consumption with economic growth. Increase in revenues from circular activities, alongside a more affordable production by getting product and materials that are more easily disassembled and reused, has the power to increase your GDP and open the path for economic growth.

When compared to raw material extraction, which is the standard in a linear economy, the circular model has the potential to lead to a bigger, up to 70% amount of material savings.

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