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Manufacturing Circular Economy

What Does Circular Economy Mean For Your Manufacturing Business?

Just some of the benefits include:

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The ability to increase revenues and reduce costs

By selecting business models such as product-as-a-service, you could extend the life of your products through initiatives such as refurbishment and remanufacturing.

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More energy-efficient practices

The circular economy is already inspiring innovation and insights into how manufacturers can increase resource efficiency. You should also look at sourcing materials for products that meet your circular economy needs.

– For example, explore using sustainably sourced materials and sourcing locally produced materials, which may reduce your exposure to a volatile supply chain and rising resource prices.

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Many manufacturers also feel that being greener enhances their brand image

Businesses and customers are more aware than ever of the environmental impact that products can cause.

By being sustainable and adopting circular economy strategies, you can reduce the ecological footprint of your products, differentiating your company from other brands that aren’t following suit.

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Advances in productivity, efficiency and resilience

You’ll probably have designed products to be as easy to manufacture as possible, which doesn’t necessarily lend to disassembly or repair.

By adopting the principles of the circular economy, you can adapt your product development processes.

Instead of only thinking about functionality and cost, you’ll consider the whole lifecycle of the product, maximising its value and materials.

What Is Circular Manufacturing?

Moving to a circular economy is all about creating a circle where we design out waste and pollution by keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible while finding ways to create new resources from what we discard.

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The Services

We provide a variety of services and professional advice for R&D projects addressing climate change, environmental impact and the circular economy.

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Scope and Develop Project Ideas
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Identify Potential Project Partners
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Write-up of Detailed Project Applications
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Administration Setup Assistance