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Guide You Through Taking A Direct Role In Mitigating Climate Change By Managing Your Business Appropriately And Implementing Circular Solutions

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Improve The Quality Of Information Within Your Company Of The Effects Of Climate Change And How A Circular Economy Will Future Proof Your Business

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Assess The Risk To Your Business’s Stability That Will Be Triggered By The Changing Climate

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Assist Your Business Transition To A More Sustainable Future

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Help You To Attract Investors And Secure Insurance By Reporting Climate-Related Risks In a Consistent, Clear and Comparable Manner

What We Do

As a company, our goal is to implement circular economy principles within a business that will reduce its carbon impact and support its future viability and sustainability.


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Community Engagement

The South Kildare Beekeepers Association

Beekeeping has always been a rural based activity and in South Kildare a Beekeepers Association has been functioning for over 60 years.

“In 2020 Aileen Carter was successful in obtaining funding on behalf of the South Kildare Beekeepers Association. Funding like this is vital to the voluntary sector and especially to a small Association such as ours. The grant has allowed us to purchase a large weatherproof shed and concrete base for our new apiary site and some more beekeeping equipment. Not only has the Association gained storage space on site but it also means we can begin to teach beginner beekeepers the practical, hands-on skills of beekeeping and bee breeding whatever the weather. A shed may seem like a small thing but without one – we are at the mercy of the elements.”

The South Kildare Beekeepers Association


Charity Work

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West Wicklow Dogs for Friends

Research undertaken in nursing homes shows pets may actually delay the aging process. This is achieved through increased physical exercise, socialisation and increased mental functioning attained through talking to pets and having the responsibility of caring for them. Pets also boost the activity levels of the elderly. Dogs especially help people keep an active routine providing a reason to get up in the morning. Because not all care homes have the necessary facilities to have a resident dog, our visits offer these benefits to the clients without the care facility having to take on the responsibility of a resident pet.

“West Wicklow Dogs for Friends is a small charity committed to bringing pet therapy into HSE and educational based units with a reach of up to 100 service users. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of Aileen all of our funding since our inception, four years ago has come from applications made by her on our behalf. These applications can be complex and we are immensely grateful to receive assistance in the funding process. It has meant we have been able to pay for training for both volunteers and dogs, safeguarding for volunteers and further educational training for trustees in our charity – specifically in Animal Assisted Therapy. The funding has also enabled us to purchase logo embroidered uniforms and identifiable harnesses for our dogs. Each year our insurance is a major cost and without funding we would not be able to operate. Aileen not only helps us with our funding but is a valuable member of our visiting team with her trusted canine pal Ruby.”

The Board of Trustees, West Wicklow Dogs for Friends