Option 1: Multiple Projects

Yearly Subscription

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  • Our Annual Fee would cover the scoping and development of project ideas and identifying potential project partners.
  • Once the project partners and the project details are agreed by all parties, we then charge a Project Fee per Partner to cover the cost of writing and submitting a detailed funding application.
  • We can also provide services to a project once it is funded and operational. The costs involved in these services are integrated into the project budget submitted in the relevant funding application.
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Scope Project Ideas & Identify Partners

  • Liaison with Client on a regular basis
  • Identification of draft projects
  • Development of draft projects
  • Finding potential project partners for each project
  • Finding funding lines and liaison with agencies and National Contact Points
  • Meetings along with Primary Client with potential collaborative start-ups
  • Meetings with potential project funders

Covered by annual fees €4,800 + VAT

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Project Applications Write-ups

  • Write-up of detailed project applications or submissions
  • Liaison with the relevant agency during the process
  • Engaging with all partners to ensure that paperwork is in order, PICs (Prior Informed Consent) etc.
  • Post submission engagement with agencies

Covered by Project Fee €1,500 + VAT

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Admin Set-up Assistance

  • Help with setting up administration
  • Help with defining KPI and monitoring
  • Setting up project systems
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Mainstreaming
  • Reporting and Final Reports

Covered by Project Fee €1,500 + VAT